what is eyecent?

Videos for Small Business

EYECENT produces simple videos for clients that wish to educate their audience, capture targeted traffic and expand their online presence.

Perhaps you are looking for a video to feature on the homepage of your website? Or, say you are trying to optimize your website for specific keywords, in addition to creating content for your YouTube channel, blog, social networking and email newsletter?

Video marketing is the best way to achieve these goals, and regardless of your budget, EYECENT can help your company get started right away.

Traditionally, producing high quality original videos has been tediously slow and expensive. Our production method emphasizes speed, style and simplicity, which saves money, and increases the number of videos we can produce, the number of keywords we can target, and ultimately, the exposure your brand receives.

To learn more about EYECENT, please call 925.963.1377 or send us an email today.

Client Portfolio

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  • Reliable Rodent Solutions
  • Featured Date
  • Merit Security